Strategies for change

Toronto Workforce Innovation Group

The Toronto Workforce Innovation Group (TWIG), is a not-for-profit community-based organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors. As a member of Workforce Planning Ontario, TWIG conducts localized research and actively engages organizations and community partners in local labour market projects. TWIG’s vision is for a Toronto with good, sustainable jobs in a vibrant economy where the opportunity to participate is available to all.

In 2009, TWIG approached Outreach Communications to support the development of a high-level communications strategy that could support its visual re-brand through deeper communications and engagement with key partners. Through ongoing work together, TWIG:

  • Raised its profile within key stakeholder networks
  • Released several key papers, briefs and other materials, research was cited more often in other sector-related materials
  • Hosted several key public forums relating to workforce development
  • Developed stronger relationships with local media

Alex Kollo is one of the most thoughtful, thorough and imaginative consultants we’ve ever engaged. With her help the Toronto Workforce Innovation Group has been able to raise our profile, been mentioned in the media, and had a strategic and all-encompassing media and outreach strategy developed. Working with Alex is a gift.”

-Karen Charnow Lior, Executive Director, Toronto Workforce Innovation Group