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Global Alliance for the Future of Food

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is a collaboration of philanthropic foundations that are working together and with others to transform global food systems towards a future of food that is sustainable, secure, and equitable.

In 2015, the Global Alliance approached Outreach Communications to work with them to build a foundation for its communications; collaborative work was beginning to coalesce around key impact areas (climate resilience, agroecology, health and well-being and true cost accounting) and the alliance’s core strategy for action was being defined. Taking on the role of communications consultant on the Global Alliance secretariat team through 2018, Outreach supported the Executive Director, Program Director, and members to develop a communications strategy and protocols, implement and test that strategy, and develop and roll-out communications relating to projects and initiatives. Through this work together we:

  • Developed a networks-based engagement strategy in support of its theory of change
  • Defined and developed its brand, visual identity and narrative, including the launch of its website 2.0 and social media strategy
  • Established internal protocols for publications through the launch of several major communications products, research briefs and papers
  • Hosted several global convenings of diverse actors and leaders
  • Grew its on and off-line networks signficantly, and
  • Stewarded member relationships and grew the member base and funding for its work

I have worked with Alex at Outreach Communications for 3 years on complex, global issues in a challenging, virtual environment and Alex met the challenge. She attended to her responsibilities with commitment, diligence, and enviable project management skills; she remained open and adaptable to new ideas and approaches necessary to incite change in global food systems; and she approached her work with both grace and humour. With a solid background from local to the global, across multiple issues from food systems to human rights, and on behalf of diverse stakeholders from philanthropy to the public sector, Alex brings her vast experience and expertise to a wide range of communications challenges that will ‘translate visions and change minds’.

-Ruth Richardson, Executive Director, Global Alliance for the Future of Food

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