Strategies for change

Coalition for Healthy School Food

Canada is one of the only industrialized countries without a national school food program and was recently ranked 37th of 41 countries around providing healthy food for kids. The Coalition for Healthy School Food is a group of over 40 organizations from across Canada advocating for a national school food program. Their goal is to see all schools serve a healthy meal or snack at little or no cost to students.

​In 2017, the Coalition for Healthy School Food brought in Outreach Communications to develop a communications strategy and narrative that would support their recently minted advocacy strategy and allow them to reach broader, targeted audiences. The challenge here was to build the brand and develop strategies and tools that could support grassroots campaigns running on limited resources. Outreach helped the Coalition to:

  • Create a communications strategy roadmap that would engage members and others to create an echo chamber for narrative messages
  • Outline opportunities and “hooks” for target audience groups
  • Define a shared narrative around Coalition key messages and calls-to-action for audience groups
  • Develop brand values and roll-out a differentiated brand from its funding partner, Food Secure Canada
  • Engage members in co-creating and disseminating messages throughout their own networks